The team

Erik Elmsäter


Erik has held several commercial management positions in the aviation sector for both Norwegian and Ryanair. Before that he studied Business School at Luleå University of Technology. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, commercial strategies and growth.

At 2Park he pays the bills, hires (and fires) staff as well as heading commercial and strategic tasks. Most importantly he spearheads key projects like “Pølsetorsdag” (Thursday Hot-Dogs).

Erik is the residential sadist that enjoys unnatural long triathlons and seems to be either on a diet or gaining weight. He can solve a rubik’s cube in under 60 sec, juggle with three knives and owns a cabin up north where reindeers out populate humans by an order of magnitude.


Lars Brandt


Lars holds a MSc in IT from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. After almost a decade at Bekk Consulting delivering successful software projects, he joined 2Park in 2016 to be a part of building a young tech company from scratch.

At 2Park Lars is responsible for all the tech stuff. Although he is our CTO, he is surprisingly sociable, and we all greatly appreciate his efforts in bringing awesomeness to the office life at 2Park.

Lars simply loves to build stuff. He also enjoys golfing and skiing, and goes for a long run once in a while.

Even though he is young at heart, at 40 Lars is the old geezer in the office!

Morten Bergsten

Product Manager

Morten has a MSc degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU. His specialisation is in commercialisation of new technology.

As 2Park’s Product Manager, Morten helps the team and company to ship the right product to the users. His job is to make sure that our products are valuable, usable and feasible. As a Product Manager you can find Morten in the intersection between business, user experience and technology. Exciting stuff!

Morten is 2Park’s residential hipster. He has a beard, a vinyl collection, tattoos, and a sailboat.


Mikkel Neple

Commercial Manager

Mikkel is what we call the total package, a true mother-in-law’s dream, ticking all the boxes: Mad dilettante skills, fancy degree in business from prominent school, studied 中文 as well as 日本語 and has a track record from big multinational tech and aviation companies.

As a real man of the people Mikkel is loved by customers and feared by coders, since complying with customer demands and getting business done is more important than being cuddly with coders at 2Park.

Mikkel is a business developer at heart, and at 2Park, Mikkel’s focus is on the commercial side of the business, working with customers, finding the right partners and figuring out how to make all the awesome innovative tech the team produces profitable.

Yi Feng Lin

Business Development Manager

The man, the myth, the legend.

Ifo (for some reason he is called Ifo) holds a degree in business administration and shipping management from BI Norwegian Business School. As a stubborn little man-child, he followed through his childhood dream to make a name for himself within in the maritime dry industry. After five years abroad with DHL -Shanghai, -Hong Kong, -Singapore and -Geneva – Ifo has finally returned, to make Oslo a better place and continue his growth with 2Park.

At 2Park Ifo will sell, develop, deliver, manage and represent our clients’ needs, and strive to make all their problems go away. At the end of the day, Ifo is the kind of guy that your grandmother would trust with her life-savings.

Some people believe that Ifo really is the Batman, whilst others have claimed that he’s the best CEO (not a Chief Executive as Erik yet, but more of a Chief Entertainment Officer).


Linda Falang

User Experience Designer

Linda has a Master’s degree in Design for All from Mid Sweden University and a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Linda is our primary link to the outside world where the real customers live. She spends a lot of her time talking to customers, getting to the bottom of what they actually need from our products. Then she returns to the office, and quickly makes some prototypes based on the insight gathered. Then she does it all over again. Boom!

Jesus Gonzalez

User Experience Designer

Jesus is a Mexican/Slovenian designer who has worked on different projects around the world spanning Industrial, Graphic, and Interaction Design. We’re glad he settled down in Norway.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design and a Master’s degree in Transportation Design, both from the Instituto Europeo di Design in Italy, and a second Master’s degree in Design Management and New Product Development from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain.

At 2Park he is a vital part of our product team, focusing on how our customers and users experience Autopay. On any given day you’ll find Jesus making prototypes, doing usability and value testing and assisting our engineers in defining what to build. With Jesus on board, we will continue to push the current design foundations to the limit in order to create the best products related to parking. You might call him our savior.

P.S there’s no hot sauce that can destroy this guy.

Stian Mathiassen

Lead Developer

Stian holds a Master of Technology in Electronics Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

When Stian is not deep into programming image manipulation or improving recognition speed, he is often in discussion with the rest of team to find good solutions for our applications. He enjoys programming, cloud, streamlining deployment and lightweight architecture. His job is to make sure the software we produce has excellent quality and that everyone on the team is pulling in the same direction.

When not at work Stian is at a restaurant. A food guy he is.


Tamás Földesi

Senior Developer

Tamás has two MSc degrees, one in Software Engineering, and another one in Electrical Engineering.

He moved from Hungary to Norway in 2012 and has settled down here with his wife and child. Tamás is a fluent Norwegian speaker.

At 2Park he’s setting bits and bytes in the right order to make machines behave. His area of expertise is Java development, software architecture, and he loves building things both on and outside of computers.

If you see someone in the office wearing a tech t-shirt – it’s probably Tamás. And we love it!


Odd Gunnar Fatland

Junior Developer

Odd Gunnar holds a Bachelor's degree in Programming and Networks and did a year with master studies before deciding to try his luck with the big boys out in the real world.

He moved from the cold and unforgiving Vestland to the warm and welcoming Østland in 2013 where he embraced the city life. He is married to a babe from Bærum.

His area of expertise is yet to be determined, but he really enjoys a challenge and wants to dip his toes, followed by his semi-massive body, in the waters of programming as much as possible. Previous experience is mostly centered around Java and Python. As a developer, he still has room to grow, as he has not yet started wearing tech t-shirts and drinking unreasonable amounts of Coca-Cola.


Therese Persen

Junior Developer

Therese holds a degree in software engineering and economics, at respectively University College of Oslo and University of Oslo.

She traveled down a windy road in the service industry before she wrote her first lines of code and discovered that her true calling is programming. With a passion for technology and creating value, she looks forward to tackling new challenges at 2Park. She also enjoys helping our consultants piff up their tinder profile.

Fun fact, she is hyper competitive and can often be seen riding her bike to work, if you happen to pass her she is the one that will immediately switch gears and pass you again, this continues till she hits VO2 max and her respiratory system can't feed the muscles enough oxygen to match the sheer will power. There has been reports of her laying on the park bench taking a “tactical time out” around the Lysaker area on her way to work.


Levet Chaliloglou aka Lenny

Hardware specialist

If its broken - Lenny can fix it. If it needs assembly - peanuts, if its an unsolvable problem - he just needs a bigger hammer. Lenny always thinks safety first, that’s why he uses his own fingers to check if there is electricity in the plug (and not the customers finger). He is also running an intense campaign to take over as verneombud on the next general election.

As he was raised on a Greek island he can obviously hold his breath underwater for +5 minutes and catch fish with his bare hands. Like most people he has successfully preformed a c-section on a dog. Apart from all above amazing skills, he is the one you need to call if anything is not working as it is supposed to. A very social and easy going person. Eager to help on any case, even if that means that he needs to fly over and do it himself, especially if the client is located on a tropical island. He speaks 5 languages, loves cooking for friends and will never say no to an unexpected party.