2Park or not 2Park: That is the question

Not really. There are 1,2 billion vehicles on the roads worldwide. They need to park somewhere. The parking industry is gigantic. Unfortunately, it's not the most customer-friendly business in the world. 2Park is working to change this. Our goal is to develop a customer-friendly parking system, that takes the hassle out of parking for everybody involved. To achieve this, we are adopting the mindset of the tech companies you know and love. We've hired rockstar entrepreneurs, 1337 h4x0rz, UX/UI designers, product experts, and salespeople because we know that it is the people that work here who will bring about the parking revolution.

In the not so distant future, when we have solved this parking thing, we will still have an A-team, and who knows what problem we will tackle next? One thing is for sure, if we need a new company name, 3Park is not it.

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