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We call it AUTOPAY Parking. It completely replaces pay-and-display, parking fines and barrier systems or works with it to ensure seamless parking for your employee’s customers or guests. AUTOPAY Parking is the latest cutting edge parking technology product with industry leading optical license plate recognition. We have tailored our parking solutions to fit the needs of Corporate Offices Parking Management, Shopping Center Parking, Airport Parking or for traditional indoor or outdoor Parking Lots.


Corporate Office Parking Management

Take full control of your parking spaces and get rid of parking fines. Regardless whether your parking spaces are divided between employees, guests, customer parking lots or all mixed together. You are in control of which license plate is allowed to what area. Register guests at the reception or charge them for their parking with our fully automated and user friendly system.

Shopping Center Parking Spaces

Say good bye to fines and say hello to increased revenue in your shops, stop greeting your customers with barriers and start greeting them with the latest parking technology. Our system registers each entry and the car owner is automatically debited for their exact length of stay. You want to give them the first hours for free? No problem, lets only debit parkers with non-typical consumer behavior and charge the the ones that use your parking lot for full days without entering your Shopping Center. You set the rules – we enforce them without the need for parking tickets. Last but not least, collect vital consumer data automatically and know where your customers are coming from and how they use your Shopping Center.


Parking Lots

Manage your short term and long term parking guests with our parking systems. Get real time data and full control over your spaces. Charge different rates on different zones or levels of your car park automatically, instantaneously and without parking fines.

Airport Parking

We deliver the most comprehensive parking system for Airports in the market. Combining our industry leading hardware and software we tailor the solutions to your needs with or without barriers. Pre book online, dynamically price parking zones, increase ancillary revenues and keep track of your passengers and communicate relevancy throughout the customer journey.


Extra parking services


Real time parking data

We offer comprehensive and easy to use statistics at your fingertips. Modify, compare, export data and relish in our easy to use management system. See real time and historical statistics.

Promote parking loyalty

Knowing who parks when, how often and from what areas your customers are coming from, gives us the tools and knowledge to start cross selling and up selling and staying relevant.

Dynamic priced parking

Simply put, sell your parking spaces the same way airlines sell their seats. Business customers have a higher propensity for payment than leisure customers. Late bookers are willing to pay more and demand shifts with the seasonality. All this needs to be accounted for, so setting your prices once per year guarantees that you are always charging the wrong price. Let us help you dynamically modify your prices 1000 times per day.


2PARK Technologies (2PARK) is a Norwegian company developing innovative, customer friendly and future safe solutions for the parking industry. The new AUTOPAY concept with leading edge ANPR technology is already installed in 6 cities throughout Norway and will be rolled out in another 5 countries in northern Europe within 2016.

We have currently rolled out Autopay at the following locations:

Shopping Centers

Torggarasjen – Bodø,
Linderud Senter – Oslo,
Ålesund Storsenter – Ålesund

Parking garages

Kinogarasjen – Drammen,
Sentrum P-hus – Oslo,
Skauløkka P-hus – Kongsberg

Corporate Offices

Telenor HQ – Bærum,
Fornebuporten – Bærum

And three more AUTOPAY parking confirmed for 2016!


Dont take our word for it.
Here’s our customers own words about AUTOPAY:

  • The actual implementation of the installation was completed smoothly

  • Today we use minimal resources and time on technical issues

  • We now experience a 20% revenue increase for short-term parking

  • AUTOPAY has helped the shopping center increase our shops turnover with 23%



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